Ice Cream Sales cause Shark Attacks. A Real Estate Perspective.

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Did you know there is a correlation between shark attacks and ice cream sales? When ice cream consumption rises in the summer, so does the number of shark attacks, a study shows. Do Ice Cream Sales cause Shark Attacks ? At [...]

Profit saving techniques for better cash flow

By |2020-09-08T22:08:43-04:00May 10th, 2017|Industry Update|

Management tips and profit saving techniques for better cash flow and better long term gain. All rentals that have carpet flooring should have no pets!! (Long term investment property should not have carpet at all, they should have TILE flooring!) [...]

April 2017 Lee County Fl ForeclosureTrend Report

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Trends at a glance for the April 2017 Lee County Fl Foreclosure Trend Report: Complied and analyzed by  Jeff Tumbarello, Director Lis Pendens: April 2017: 80 Mortgage related Lis Pendens. March 2017:  88 Mortgage related Lis Pendens. April 2016:111 Mortgage related [...]

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