Trends at a glance for the April 2017 Lee County Fl Foreclosure Trend Report:

Complied and analyzed by  Jeff Tumbarello, Director

April 2017 Lee County Fl Foreclosure April 2017 Lee County Fl Foreclosure April 2017 Lee County Fl Foreclosure

Lis Pendens:

  • April 2017: 80 Mortgage related Lis Pendens.
  • March 2017:  88 Mortgage related Lis Pendens.
  • April 2016:111 Mortgage related Lis Pendens.

Certificates of Title:

  • April 2017: 53 Certificates of Title were conveyed.
  • March 2017: 93 Certificates of Title were conveyed.
  • April 2016: 111 Certificates of Title were conveyed.

Notes the April 2017 Lee County Fl Foreclosure Trend Report :

  • More of the same…
  • The top ten Lis Pendens filers represent 46 percent of the filings.
  • WELLS FARGO BANK NA was number 1 in filings.
  • There slight decrease in certificate of title conveyances/Lis Pendens month over month, as well as year over year.
  • The current trend of the distressed market NOT being a primary (last cycle) driver will continue.
  • Bertrand versus US bank still has not caused a significant increase in filings.


  • When: 5/3/17
  • Topic:  Are HOA’s a Friend or Foe to Real Estate Investors.
  • Presenter: Dennis Paganucci
  • Paganucci, a real estate investor currently owning/managing approximately 35 properties located in South Florida, primarily condominiums.
  • Paganucci is currently the President of six condominium associations and on the Board of Directors of one additional association.
  • Where: Casa Lupita Cafe
  • Address: 13120 Westlinks Terrace # 10, Fort Myers, FL 33913
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  • Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • From 11:15 to 12:00 there will be time for lunch and networking.
  • The formal part of the meeting will start at 12:00
  • For SWFL REIA members your cost is your lunch only.
  • Non-Members are $20.00 plus the cost of your lunch.

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