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Why You Need A Real Estate Investor Group 

Real Estate Investor Group and why you need one:
You need to look at a couple of different factors. You will want to get an education for sure but where do you turn when there are so many different resources that […]

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Real Estate For Investment

Real Estate For Investment
Purchase, rental, and sale of real estate properties for profit are known as real estate for investment. Instead of investing the money in shares and stocks, many people prefer to invest it in real estate for various […]

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Real Estate Investing Mentor

The lack of confidence, the uncertainty of a future in real estate investing, inability to make out if a deal is good or not, these are situations that most new real estate investors and those with very little experience find […]

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June 2017 Lee County Foreclosure Trend Report

June 2017 Lee County Foreclosure Trend Report

Compiled and analyzed by  Jeff Tumbarello, Director
June 2017 Lee County Foreclosure Trend Report trends at a glance:
Lis Pendens:
June 2017: 93 Mortgage related Lis Pendens.
May 2017: 92 Mortgage related Lis Pendens.
June 2016: 122 Mortgage related […]

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