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Exactly what to do when you purchase real estate with occupants

Exactly what to do when you purchase real estate with occupants. Acquiring homes with existing occupants could be really valuable. Whether you’re taking a look at a wholesale bargain or long term buy and hold, acquired renters can provide immediate […]

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A brief guide to property investment.

Here is a brief guide to property investment: Buying an investment property is among the favorite ways to invest. This is because an investment property can help achieving your financial goals by securing your financial future and increasing your wealth. […]

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How to find private lenders

Private lenders are non-institutional person’s (individual or a company) that lend money, secured by a deed of trust or note, used to fund a real estate project. A project can be a renovation, construction of a new property or re-purposing […]

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Investment In Property.

Investment in Property is different than searching for a place that you call home. Many individuals are presently putting financial resources into property investment. While real estate is putting forth opportunities for capital gains, the purchasing and owning of real property is […]

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SWFL Real Estate after Irma

The case study SWFL Real estate after Irma was presented by Jeff Tumbarello, Broker Steelbridge Realty LLC/ Director SWFL REIA at the SWFL REIA luncheon in October.


This presentation is meant to provide some guidance from a statistical point of view.

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Is Real Estate A Good Investment For You?

Perhaps you have heard about some people who earn extravagantly from real estate, and your interest is piqued on investing in property assets too. Just like any business venture that you decide to undertake, you first need to assess whether […]

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September 2017 Lee County Foreclosure Trend Report

Here is the September 2017 Lee County Foreclosure Trend Report!
Where does the September 2017 Lee County Foreclosure Trend Report come from?
We download from public records and trend with microsoft excel.
Why do we generate reports like the September 2017 Lee County Foreclosure Trend Report?
The […]

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