Finding Investors For Real Estate via local, safe and effective ways.

For decades now, real estate investing has provided one of the most predictable, safest and low-effort return of all of the most common investments.

In a low-growth world, with a volatile stock market, poor returns from bonds and interest rates at historical lows, more and more people are looking to invest in real estate. In lots of ways it is protected from political turmoil and the ups and downs of the economy so is a safe haven for cash.

Real Estate typically attracts conservative investors – people with a generally low appetite for risk but a particularly keen eye for a bargain and an interest in managing their money. These are clues as to where for look when finding investors for real estate.

The South West Florida Real Estate Investment Association (SWFL REIA) is a goldmine of contacts, information, education and advice. When finding investors for real estate you really won’t need to look any further. Working with the right kind of people is vital, which is why the SWFL REIA offers such value for anyone finding investors for real estate.

If you are interested in Finding Investors For Real Estate  here are a few suggestions based on the experience of the SWFL REIA…

Finding Investors For Real Estate: Real Estate Investing Clubs

Seek out your local real estate investing clubs. These are growing in popularity – stock clubs have existed for years, real estate clubs are also growing in popularity. Here you’ll find people from all over the real estate investment scene from developers to homeowners and people with extra cash to invest.

Finding Investors For Real Estate: Property Networking Events

Property events can be a goldmine. A meeting of minds and contacts is a great way to meet potential investors. Speaking to property lawyers, architects, planning department staff and the like is a way to ensure your contacts are good.

In real estate investing, knowledge really is power so having good contacts, good information and a wide network will really help you when finding investors for real estate.

Finding Investors For Real Estate: Real Estate Agents

There’s a good chance that agents will have a list of contacts – buyers who are always on the lookout for their next deal. Striking up a friendship with a reputable agent will give you access to a list of potential real estate investors. Seek out reputable real estate agents and work with them to secure access to a good number of real estate investors. Take your time to build relationships, seek good advice and you’ll find the right investors for you.

One of the premier sources for real estate investing networking and education is the SWFL REIA. In the real estate world the SWFL REIA is different in that they do not do information product sales. Their meetings are focusing on the best ways of investing in real estate by collaborating with other property investors who are sharing their experiences.

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