Buy and hold real estate investing is the primary avenue of the wealthiest members of the SWFLREIA.

John Jacob Astor, the famous real property capitalist, and America’s first multi-millionaire, while he was on his deathbed if he would do things differently if he could start over.

Astor responded, “Yes. I would have bought every inch of Manhattan.

Buy and hold real estate investing is how wealth is generated in the main.

While we all hear the stories of how some random event enabled a person to become wealthy. This is not the norm. We tend to have a survivorship bias that clouds our minds in cases like this. For every guy who hit it big randomly, many did not. The road to wealth is a long road. It also can be done long term with nearly the issues of say flipping real estate.

The one tip to Buy and hold real estate investing that I will share is that many buy and hold real estate investors tend to forget that they will own this asset long term and that someday you may want to sell it. Patch job repairs make the most sense for today. They do not make the most sense long term. I also see many Buy and hold real estate investors that make decisions for repairs and upgrades that the view of the tenant is factored into. Focus solely on the asset and the asset will reward you while you own it and if you sell it.

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One of the premier sources for real estate investing networking and education is the SWFL REIA. In the real estate world, the SWFL REIA is different in that they do not do information product sales. Their meetings are focusing on the best ways of investing in real estate by collaborating with other property investors who are sharing their experiences.

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