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Investing in Real Estate Rentals

Investing in Real Estate Rentals: You Can Gain Wealth.

If you’re looking to amass a fortune during your lifetime, real estate investing is a smart option. By investing in real estate rentals, you and your loved ones can enjoy the peace […]

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Multi Family vs Single Family Investment

Multi Family vs Single Family Investment: Which Is the Right Real Estate Investment for You?
Real estate investment is a reliable way of diversifying your investment portfolio. The right residential real estate investment option depends on your long-term financial objectives and […]

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November 2018 Foreclosure report for Lee County

Where does the November 2018 Foreclosure report for Lee County come from?

We download from public records and trend with Microsoft Excel. We have been doing this since 2007. This report has value because it is a leading indicator of bank-owned homes coming to […]

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