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Home Improvements That May Not Increase Property Value

When you're selling a home, you should be looking for anything that may give an edge or increase the value of your property. Some features may have a neutral or even negative effect on a home's value. Here are some common home improvement projects that may not increase your property value.
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January 2020 Foreclosure Report for Lee County Florida

Where does the January 2020 Lee County Foreclosure Trends Report come from?

We download from public records and trend the data with Microsoft Excel. We have been doing this since 2007. This report has value because it is a leading indicator of bank-owned […]

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Should I Purchase a New Property or Renovate an Older Property?

Whether you buy new or renovate an older property. Property investment is always a wise choice. While it’s likely going to be one of the biggest investments that you’re ever going to make, it’s something that will pay off in […]

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9 Critical Areas to Check When House Flipping

Buying and flipping a house for profit is a common method of investment in real estate. House flippers typically buy a home for a much lower cost than invest time and money into the home with upgrades and furnishings to […]

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Breaking: 2020 SWFL market update

This 2020 SWFL market update was Complied and analyzed by:

Jeff Tumbarello, Broker Owner: Steelbridge Realty/Director: SWFL REIA

Disclosure for the 2020 SWFL market update.

This is my work is done for me and shared with you.
Data exported from the MLS […]

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