When looking for a vacation home, you look for very different features than you would in a normal residential home. A vacation home is an escape—for your family and for others you may rent it out to. There are many features and elements of a vacation home that you should investigate before making your decision. With some careful consideration, your vacation home can become a sought out hotspot and become a great investment for you. Here are a few things you should look for when finding your vacation home.

Investing in a Vacation Home: Proximity to Attractions

What do you look for when you go on vacation? A picturesque lake? A mountain? A beach? For many people, vacations are an escape and a time to commune with nature. Find a vacation home that is close to natural attractions like bodies of water. Consider what makes the attractions close to the vacation home different from everyday life. The closer that the vacation home is to these attractions, the more immersed in the vacation your clients will feel. Do some research about what attractions are around the area you would like to get a home. There are a lot of prime vacation home locations in Florida that have many great attractions nearby.

A Large Kitchen

Envision it: You and your family arrive at your vacation home. You have invited others to join you for dinner. You enter the kitchen, and voila, there is a large oven, refrigerator, freezer, stove, microwave oven, and a two-sided sink. Perfect for making that scrumptious meal you had planned.

Food is an essential part of any vacation and connects us with others, so when you look at houses, take a good, long look at the kitchen. Will it be sufficient for helping feed a large group of people? Is there a good kitchen stove and oven? Is there enough counter space to serve food? Is there a large enough dining area to keep everyone together? A good kitchen in your vacation home can be a make it or break it for those looking to rent your vacation home.

Investing in a Vacation Home: A Pool and Hot Tub

When looking for a vacation home to go to, your renters will be looking for how they will be able to enjoy themselves at the vacation home, not just outside the home. A pool and hot tub are perfect solutions to making not just the area attractive, but the home attractive. Having a place where they can play and relax is a great way to keep people coming for your vacation home. It sets it apart, and for many renters, a pool and hot tub are musts for vacation homes to be vacation-worthy. Just make sure you keep on top of the maintenance so guests can properly enjoy them.

Backyard Features

There are many other backyard features you could consider for your vacation home. There are elements that help make the backyard more beautiful, like water features, a nice lawn, and maybe some trees or other vegetation. There can also be more fun features, such as a basketball hoop.

As you consider, don’t forget unique backyard features that are convenient and beautiful. This includes a patio or a deck, to help show off the location of your vacation home to your renters. But the versatility of decks isn’t limited to the view they provide. Decks have many uses, especially for large family gatherings. Sometimes a large deck can make up for the lack of a large inside dining area. Barbecues, nice sunset dinners, snacks for backyard games, décor for special occasions… the possibilities are endless.

Investing in a Vacation Home: Easy to Update

As new technology comes out and house improvement continues to be a thing, those that rent your rental home will be hoping for the newest and greatest features. Staying up to date on what is new and popular will depend heavily on the quality of the home. As you look at potential vacations, look at how you could update the home. If there are some features that are missing such as air conditioning, will they be easy enough to update?

It is good to do regular maintenance checks in your vacation home as well, and do minor updates as time goes on.

Access to Resources

Though it is important to make sure that your vacation home is in a picturesque location, it is important that vacationers also have access to resources. Are they able to get to a grocery store easily? How about if there is a medical emergency? Having access to resources will also allow those who rent your vacation home to stay longer, because they won’t have to pack all their food in with them. They can also rest assured that they aren’t so far removed from civilization that if something goes wrong, they can’t find help.

Investing in a Vacation Home: A Large Garage

A large garage wouldn’t just be for cars, it would be for storage. Now, you might be thinking, why would you need storage space for a vacation home?  No one is living there, it’s not like they need space to store their lifelong possessions. Here’s the thing—the stuff that you bring on vacation can be much bigger than you would ever need for daily life. Is your vacation home next to a big lake? What if those who rent your property want to bring a boat or jet skis? What if someone is planning a family reunion on their property and they are bringing several vehicles? Though it isn’t immediately obvious that a large garage would be a necessity for a vacation home, it can be an important consideration.


Everyone is included in family vacations, and that means grandma and grandpa. That means those who may be physically disabled and unable to climb stairs or fit into small restrooms with mobility devices. Sometimes if there are stairs or other accessibility concerns, that automatically makes your vacation home a no-go. There are many accessibility problems that could be a concern, so it can be important to do some research about how to adapt homes for optimum accessibility.

A vacation home can be a fantastic investment, but it is important to make sure that investment makes it to fruition. Investing in the right type of home will encourage people to come to your vacation home, and these considerations can help you make the right decision. This can be a fun and challenging process, and in the end it is worth it.

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