Florida’s humidity can be intense. It can get so humid it feels that you’re swimming through a soup just to move around. AC can help, but if that humidity is too great, it can actually damage some of the belongings in your house, besides being extremely uncomfortable. But how can you manage the humidity level so it doesn’t get so out of control? Here are a few ways that you can take control of your home to create a comfortable living space, despite living in Florida’s humid environment.

How to Take Care of Your Home in Florida’s Humidity: Seal Leaks from Outside

One of the biggest causes of humidity inside the home is a leak from outside. If there is an opening on your house that lets in air from the outside, chances are, that air is going to be humid. In order to prevent your house from getting too humid, you will need to go around the outside of your home and seal those leaks. These include leaks around doors, windows, and any cracks you find in the siding. A leak can be detrimental in the battle against the humidity, which is why it’s important to take care of any and all leaks your house may have.

Keep Your Plumbing in Good Shape

Your plumbing can also release moisture into the air. If you use a lot of hot water, it can add to the humidity, making it even worse. Your plumbing should be in good shape so that you don’t have an excess of moisture in the air. If your plumbing isn’t sealed, or if your shower is broken and is constantly dripping, you’re going to have an increase in the humidity in your home. By keeping the plumbing in good shape, you reduce the humidity levels in your home. Make sure that you get any plumbing problems fixed when they occur so that you can keep it in good working order.

How to Take Care of Your Home in Florida’s Humidity: Create an Air Flow

Another way to reduce the intense humidity of Florida in your home is to create an air flow. You can create an air flow by opening doors and windows, using your house’s ventilation shafts, and using fans. Your AC unit can also help as it can act like a little dehumidifier and get air circulating in your home. Ceiling fans, rotating fans and box fans can all be utilized to keep air circulating. If air is stagnant, it feels heavier. Moving the air around can force the humidity levels to decrease and help you cool off. A fresh breeze can cool sweat, while the heavy humid air only increases the sweaty feeling.

Protect Household Items

Keep in mind that humidity can damage wood furniture. Too much exposure to water can cause wood to crack, which can weaken the furniture and cause it to crumble. Protecting wood items from moisture can include putting a sealant on them and reducing the humidity levels in your home. You might also consider moving some household items into a specially designed storage unit to protect them from high levels of humidity.

How to Take Care of Your Home in Florida’s Humidity: Run Exhaust Fans

Another way to reduce humidity in your home is to run your exhaust fans. The whole point of exhaust fans is to reduce excess moisture (and odors) in the air. If you’re cooking, use your stove’s exhaust fan. If you’re taking a shower, use the bathroom’s exhaust fan. If you’re doing the laundry, use the laundry room’s exhaust fan. Exhaust fans will require you to clean them regularly to keep them operating optimally, but the effort is worth it as the fans will keep running much longer. The reason these rooms have fans is because cooking, showering, and doing the laundry are all activities that can increase the humidity in your home. Those fans are there for a reason and they will help reduce the amount of moisture in the air and make it more bearable.

Take Shorter Showers

Another way to reduce the humidity levels in your home is to simply take shorter showers. While it’s nice to be able to destress or start the day with a long hot shower, that shower can actually release a ton of moisture into the air. Even if you run the exhaust fan the entire time, there’s only so much work that an exhaust fan can do. Shortening your shower’s will help reduce the intense humidity. Short showers have other benefits as well. A short shower can save on your water bill because you’ll be using less water, as well as reduce your electric bill because you’ll be reducing the amount of energy needed to heat up that water for the shower. You should also run your exhaust fan for at least 5-10 minutes after your shower to clear the air of excess moisture.

How to Take Care of Your Home in Florida’s Humidity: Open and Close Windows as Needed

The air from the outside isn’t always bad. Leaks are bad, but a breeze is good. If it is a hot and muggy day outside, opening your windows would increase the humidity levels in your home. But if there is a breeze blowing, it can actually help air out your house and decrease the humidity levels. If it is cooler outside, open the window. If it is humid outside, close the window. Use your windows as a way to control the humidity levels inside your home.

Buy a Dehumidifier

If none of the above options are working for you, then perhaps it is a good idea to look at buying a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier pulls excess moisture from the air, making your home a more comfortable, drier place. A dehumidifier also has many health benefits from reducing dust mites, reducing mold, and improving the quality of the air you breath. Plus, dehumidifiers are small and compact and don’t make much noise. They can protect your property from excess humidity in the air. Buying a dehumidifier can increase the comfort of your home by decreasing the moisture in the air.

Surviving the excess humidity of Florida is totally doable. You may have to evaluate your plumbing, check your house for leaks, or buy a dehumidifier, but the comfort and dryness is well worth any effort.

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