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How to Handle Short-Term Rentals During a Pandemic

Owning short-term rentals during a pandemic can be a challenge. One of the industries that got hit the hardest during this pandemic is the short-term rental industry. During the summer, many people rely on short-term rentals to make ends meet […]

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How to Preserve Your Property Values Over Time

The volatility of the real estate market is concerning for many homeowners. Smart investors position themselves to preserve their property values over time. When everything in the world seems uncertain, homeowners want the security of knowing that their home and […]

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How to Make Your Properties More Attractive to Families With Children

For single-family homes, families with children are often your tenants. . Property owners often specialize in a certain type of property, and different types of property appeal to different demographics. Single individuals might prefer a studio apartment. A pair of […]

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3 Important Steps to Take Before Closing on Your First Investment Property

Few things are more exciting than your first investment property. You’ve made a big step and purchased your first home to flip. But before you can get started with the renovation process, you’ll need to close on the house. Closing […]

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How to Use Your Home Equity as a Finance Tool

Do you have at least 20% home equity? Then a HELOC, or home equity loan, may be just the financial tool you need to improve the value of your home and finance other endeavors. Luckily, there are several different ways […]

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Smart Rental Property Moves That Can Save You Money

Owning some smart rental property is a great way to achieve a passive income. Unfortunately, some people run into trouble with renting because they don’t know all the tricks of the trade. If you want to increase your margins and […]

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Common Problems That Arise With Coastal Rental Properties

If you‘re interested in investing in coastal rental properties, it is a good idea to make sure you are aware of any potential problems that can arise in regard to your properties. Although waterfront properties can be incredibly beautiful and […]

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Insurance Questions You Should Ask Before Renting Your Property Out

Here are some insurance questions to ask before you place a tenant in your property. In most places, it isn’t a legal requirement to insure your property before renting it out.  But in pretty much every case, you should. Rental […]

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Why You Should Allow Tenants with Pets on Your Rental Property

At SWFL REIA meetings we often discuss if you should allow tenants with pets. It’s extremely common for landlords to forbid their tenants from keeping pets on their rental properties. Many landlords don’t want to deal with any of the […]

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Home Damage You Should Fix Before It Becomes a Serious Issue

Some types of issues with your home can be put on hold for a little while, and the problem will not become worse. Others will cause major home damage. You need to get others fixed as soon as possible. These […]

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