Home Improvement Choices That Will Give You More Peace of Mind

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Home improvement choices can do many things from improving aesthetics to increasing the value of your home. These improvements can also help to make your life better and give you more peace of mind. There are many ways to approach [...]

How Property Managers Can Juggle Multiple Rental Properties

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Being a property manager with multiple rental properties is a lot of responsibility. There are repairs to keep up on, lease agreements to keep track of, and rent payments to collect, among other duties. If you have multiple properties to [...]

How to Determine if a Rental Property is a Good Deal

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Owning a rental property is a great financial investment. How to Determine if a Rental Property is a Good Deal is tantamount towards your success. However, if it’s your first time owning or if you’re still familiarizing yourself, there are [...]

Big Mistakes That Are Easy to Make Before a Home Remodel

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Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought! Try not to make these big mistakes before a home remodel. There is nothing worse than getting finished with a remodeling project and realizing you have made a huge [...]

How to Maintain Good Relationships With Your Tenants

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Maintaining good relationships with your tenants is your bread and butter. No, literally, their rent payments are what generate your income as a landlord. If you want to keep being able to put food on the table, you need to [...]

How to Promote Sustainability With Your Rental Property

By |2020-12-21T16:07:27-05:00December 21st, 2020|Real Estate Investing|

More and more people are becoming aware of their impact on the environment and they recognize that there are steps that can be taken to live more sustainably. As the owner of a rental property, you can actually foster sustainability [...]

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