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5 Red Flags to Avoid When Selecting an Investment Property

Many people choose to purchase an investment property as a way to supplement their income and grow their net worth. It can be hard to be a beginner in the world of real estate investment. One of the most important […]

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Blockchain Technology for real estate?

Blockchain Technology for Real Estate can and will revolutionize real estate at some point in the near future. To be honest it is already beginning. Real estate is one of those industries that has been slow to adopt new technologies. It […]

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Private real estate investors demystified.

Private real estate investors make money from renting, buying and selling real estate, most people will start by searching for information on the interwebs. That includes searching for mortgage information and potential properties. If you want to make huge profits […]

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Airbnb-powered apartment complex

Based on the success of AIRBNB Real Estate Investing an Airbnb-powered apartment complex seems to be a logical next step. That is happening throughout the country now.

The financial benefits of operating short-term rentals are appealing to certain real estate investors, but also to […]

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Investing in Real Estate Rentals

Investing in Real Estate Rentals: You Can Gain Wealth.

If you’re looking to amass a fortune during your lifetime, real estate investing is a smart option. By investing in real estate rentals, you and your loved ones can enjoy the peace […]

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Multi Family vs Single Family Investment

Multi Family vs Single Family Investment: Which Is the Right Real Estate Investment for You?
Real estate investment is a reliable way of diversifying your investment portfolio. The right residential real estate investment option depends on your long-term financial objectives and […]

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Mario Datillo on Mobile Home Park Investing

Mr. Mario Dattilo was born in Minnesota and currently resides in Florida. He has over 10 years of real estate investment experience. Mario has led the formation of strategic partnerships to acquire single-family homes with local municipalities and non-profits to […]

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Stu Silver on Mobile Home Park Investing

Stu Silver is one of the most well known and successful investors in the SWFL. Stu Silver recently was part of a panel about Mobile Home Park investing at the SWFL REIA General Meeting. 

Interested in his books? Click here.


The Southwest […]

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Real estate investing for beginners

At meetings, we are asked for tips on  Real estate investing for beginners. The real estate market is constantly fluctuating, but several of the basics stay the same– as do the rules. To jump-start your career in real estate investment, […]

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Residential tenant eviction Florida

From time to time you are faced with a Residential tenant eviction Florida.

Residential tenant eviction Florida is the removal of a tenant from rental property by the landlord. In some jurisdictions, it may also involve the removal of persons from […]

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