You of course want access to water in your home. However, you also want to keep moisture out of your home. —not seeping into the walls, floors, nooks, and crannies of your house. Excessive moisture can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, cause major damage to structural surfaces of your home, and attract unwanted pests.

Why You Should Keep Moisture Out of Your Home: Protect Health

Mold is likely to develop on spots around your house that are constantly exposed to water, like drains, plumbing areas, and under sinks. Particles from mold can travel through the air or direct contact. Those particles can cause major irritation to the throat, lungs, skin, and eyes. If one is exposed to mold particles for prolonged periods, those irritations can develop into major conditions like fungal infections. Persons with pulmonary problems like asthma are at increased risk for those major problems developing. Unfortunately, mold is found in places that people come into contact with very frequently. Protect your health by preventing mold from having the chance to develop and spread.

Prevent Interior Wear

The same mold that can harm your body will eat away at surfaces. Excessive moisture can cause roof problems that become worse over time. Once the roof is compromised, the ceiling is soon to follow. Leaks may be difficult to spot until the damage has already progressed and spread to a point of no return, and repairs or replacements are necessary. Take inventory of your roof and perform any repairs that would prevent those damages from coming about.

Why You Should Keep Moisture Out of Your Home: Keep Pests Away

Moisture attracts more than just mold. Creepy, crawly cockroaches love dark, cool and damp places like under your sink, crawlspaces, and drawers. It is easy for them to burrow into these soft surfaces and even thrive. Mice and rats are other critters that love dark, damp and, cool areas. Moisture will invite them in, but the added benefit of easy access to food and shelter from natural elements or predators will keep them there. In addition to the discomfort and anxiety that come with unwanted pests in your home, obvious health risks are associated with these intruders.


Check under your sinks regularly for leaks, use fans and vents in your bathrooms to assure the walls and ceiling dry in between steam exposure, and check for cracks and needed repairs in your ceilings, walls, and plumbing. Stay dry and stay safe in your own home with these preventative measures!


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