If you own real estate investment properties, you’ve probably learned that you have some maintenance and upkeep to do at each of them. In order to attract renters or buyers and to make your property last as long as possible, you need to regularly deep clean. Here are a few different times and stages when you need to deep clean your property.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Property: When Tenants Move Out

First of all, you will need to inspect and deep clean your property after each group of tenants moves out. Even if your tenants have been very organized and tidy, there will doubtlessly be some areas of the property that haven’t been properly cleaned or kept up with. Make sure that you inspect all the areas of your property, both indoor and outdoor. Then, create a deep cleaning list. This will help you to know how lengthy your deep cleaning will have to be and how much time or money it will require. This will help you to restore the property to its original state of cleanliness after tenants move out.

Before Selling

Another time when it is important to deep clean your property is before selling it. Cleaning is critical before selling real estate so you can attract buyers and get the best deals. If your house is dirty or disorganized, even in the hard-to-reach areas, it will be a huge turn-off for potential buyers. Your house will appear older and more run down if it isn’t properly cleaned. If you feel that your property needs an extra cleaning boost, you can always hire professional cleaners to get the space in shape.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Property: Before Vacation Guests Arrive

If you have a vacation destination real estate property, you will want to make sure that you have regular deep cleaning processes before each of your guest parties arrive. Thorough cleaning has become even more important as the vacation and travel industries have rushed to accommodate safety procedures due to COVID-19. Make sure that you know how to properly clean your vacation rental and hire a specialist team if that is necessary. You will need to make sure that your property is not only tidy but deep cleaned so it is safe and sanitary for guests to stay there.


So, if you’ve got some great real estate properties that you’ve invested in, remember that you need to keep them clean to keep the money coming in. Remember to deep clean your property when your tenants move out, before selling, and before your vacation guests arrive. This will ensure that your property is popular and successful, with consistent renters, buyers, or vacationers streaming in.

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